Booth 22 – 42 Non Halal Zone (Cooked n Trade)

Booth 43 – 63 Muslim and Halal Friendly Zone (No Pork or Alcohol Allowed)

Booth 64 – 83 Trade Zone (Recomended for Trade but food are allowed)

  • 条件和条款 - 华语版
  • Terms & Conditions - English Ver

2023年 Gather Fair

由Junior Chamber International Sibu Jaya主办


  1. 日期:
    • 2023年5月26日(星期五)至2023年6月4日(星期六),共10天。
  2. 时间:
    • 每天下午4点至晚上11点。
    • 我们,主办方,不禁止您在4点之前开始。但我们宣传的每日工作时间为下午4点至晚上11点。
  3. 地点:
    • Sibu Indoor Stadium.
  4. 申请展位的方法:
    • 请联系我们的负责人Ms. Jenny Yong,电话:+6018 405 7299。
  5. 展位规格和设备包括:
    • 展位尺寸:10英尺x 10英尺(在20英尺x 20英尺的帐篷下共享空间)。
    • 设备:灯和1个13A电源插座。
  6. 费用:
    • 中间(标准)展位- RM800。
    • 角落(热门)展位 (No.42 & 63)- RM1,200。
    • 付款说明:
      • 支付给:Junior Chamber International Sibu Jaya(JCI)
      • 账户号码:5112 1625 3562
      • 银行:马来亚银行(Maybank)。
  7. 条款和规定:
    • 展位预订基于 “先到先得” 。只有在我们收到您的付款和信息后才确认预订。
    • 未经主办方同意,不要与他人分享或租用您的空间。
    • 不要扩展您的展示空间,即10英尺x 10英尺以内(不要在指定空间外放置额外的帐篷)。
    • 对于食品供应商,请配备手套,头套和围裙,以确保保持卫生。
    • 请确保您的展位清洁,若发现卫生不佳或被举报,主办方有权向你收取每天RM50的清洁费。
    • 展商不得推广或销售非法物品。如果发现展商宣传或销售非法活动或物品,则主办方有权关闭您的展位且不退款。
    • 不要使用聚苯乙烯容器和塑料吸管打包外卖。
    • 不要销售饮料和酒精。我们已经为这些产品分配了专属合作伙伴。
    • 当局检查时需要进行健康检查。
    • 食品档口需要提供食品准备和卫生证书。
    • 额外费用:
      • 额外的13A/15A电源插座-每个RM 150(将是从主电网的额外电源网格)。
      • 如果展商未披露并导致电力短路,则展商将被罚款RM1,200。
      • 桌子可租用,每个RM50,为期10天。
      • 椅子可租用,每个RM8,为期10天。
  8. 责任:请负责任地使用提供的设施和设备。展商有责任确保设施和设备处于良好状态。否则,展商将承担维修费用。
  9. 准备:
    • 活动开始前2天可以进行准备和装饰。
    • 主办方将在活动之前进行一次简报和培训,内容为“Gather Deal-客户关系管理软件”。
  10. 主办方有权修改和添加这些条款和条件。

2023 The Gather Fair

By Junior Chamber International Sibu Jaya

Terms & Conditions

  1. Date: 26th May 2023 (Friday) – 4th June 2023 (Saturday), a total of 10 days.
  2. Time:
    1. Daily from 4:00 pm – 11:00 pm.
    2. We, the Organisers, do not forbid you to start before 4 pm. But our promoted daily working hours are 4:00 pm – 11:00 pm.
  3. Venue: Sibu Indoor Stadium.
  4. Method to apply for a Booth:
    1. Contact our officer at +6018 405 7299, Ms. Jenny Yong.
  5. Booth Specifications and equipment included:
    1. Size of Booth: 10ft x 10ft (shared space under 20ft x 20ft Canopy).
    2. Equipment: Light and 1 13A Power outlet.
  6. Fees:
    1. Intermediate (Standard) Booth – RM800.
    2. Corner (Hot)(No.42 &63) Booth – RM1200.
    3. Payment Instructions:
      1. Payable to: Junior Chamber International Sibu Jaya (JCI)
      2. Account No.: 5112 1625 3562
      3. Bank: Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank)
  7. Terms & Regulations:
    1. Booth booking is based on “First Come First Serve”. Booking will be confirmed only when we receive your payment and information.
    2. Do not share or rent your space to another person without the consent of the Organiser.
    3. Do not extend your exhibition space, which is within 10ft x 10ft (Do not put extra Canopy outside your designated space).
    4. For food providers, please equip yourself with gloves, hair covers, and aprons to make sure the hygiene is maintained.
    5. Please ensure the cleanliness of your booth, or the Organiser will charge you with an RM50 cleaning fee per day.
    6. Exhibitors are not allowed to promote or sell illegal items. The Organiser holds the rights to close your booth without refund if illegal activity or items are found to be promoted or for sale.
    7. Do not use Styrofoam/Polystyrene Containers and plastic straws for takeaways.
    8. Do not sell beverages and alcohol. We have already assigned exclusive partners for these products.
    9. Health checks are required upon checking by the authorities.
    10. Certificates for Food Preparation & Hygiene are required for food stalls.
    11. Additional Charges:
      1. Additional 13A/15A Power Outlet – RM 150/each (Will be an additional power grid from the main one).
      2. Please notify the organiser if you are using heavy electrical devices. Exhibitors will be fined with RM1,200 if exhibitors did not disclose and cause the electricity outbreak.
      3. Tables are available for rent at RM50/each for 10 days.
      4. Chairs are available for rent at RM8/each for 10 days.
  8. Liabilities:
    1. Please use the facilities and equipment provided responsibly. It is exhibitors’ responsibility to make sure the facilities and equipment are in good condition. Otherwise, exhibitors are liable for the repair fee.
  9. Preparation:
    1. Preparation & Decoration can be done 2 days before the event starts.
    2. The Organiser will conduct a briefing and training before the event on “Gather Deal- Customer Relationship Management Software.”
  10. The Organiser has the right to amend and make additions to these terms and conditions.